Sebastiano Midulla

Born in the splendid Sicily, I immediately began to cultivate my passion for art, with illustrations, artistic creations, murals and airbrushing works.

For almost ten years I have been creating around the world, making sets and building theaters, acquiring new skills in screenwriting, directing, video and audio.

My academic studies, followed by specific masters, allowed me to refine my knowledge.

I have organized numerous exhibitions and artistic groups and participated in important television productions at the RAI studios.

I worked as a floral design for events and collaborated in the sector of scenographic set-ups and installations.

I have attended various professional photography courses and participate in photographic competitions.

I participate in important international events, such as "the Eurochocolate" of Perugia, international sculpture festivals and artistic competitions.

In my free moments I continue to create what my fantasy whispers to me, trying to experiment and excite

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